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It takes courage to step into the stress of every day, to figure out who you are, and to step into relationships and connection with others. 

When you need someone to stand with you, no matter if it's for a few sessions or for many, it's reassuring to know that there's a place you can go where your situation will be treated with kindness and respect.

At Pacific Therapy Group, you will find highly trained therapists who offer a respectful presence, and who will accompany you in a profound understanding, experience, and reframing of your story. We're glad to be here to serve you.



What You Can Expect

Your first appointment will be spent getting an overall history and determining a general direction and length of treatment. From your second appointment on, we will work together to explore the areas which cause you the greatest concern. Our work will be collaborative - you are the one who knows your story, and we are the ones with tools to bring new light to old stories.


We may only meet for a couple of months or may meet much longer than that - that will depend on you, and on what you want from our time together. Especially at first, we will ask that you make weekly appointments. It may be that as we look at your situation, you may actually feel worse at first. This is a temporary situation, and it won't be long before things look and feel much better.


If there appears to be a medical component to your situation, we will refer you to your primary care physician or we can refer you to a trusted psychiatrist. Sometimes stressors turn into physical symptoms, and if a temporary medication could help support you through the process, we may suggest that you see your doctor to arrange that.


We've been helping men, women, adolescents and children deal with these issues for over

25 years and provide a safe environment to begin unpacking and processing life-long disappointments and pain that can be detrimental to a person's well-being. Here, you will find

a kind approach along with professionalism in starting to name the pain of past experiences and how they influence you in the present.

We also provide psychological testing for: intelligence, memory, ADHD, trauma, and autism spectrum disorders school placement. 

We look forward to working with you.  

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